Utility Improvements

The campus of Kalkaska Memorial Health Center (KMHC) in Kalkaska, Michigan required additional real-estate for development of future expansions to better serve the patients and staff of the hospital.  The expansions required the abandonment of two stretches of Village right-of-ways.

KMHC commissioned M.E. to develop a feasibility study to relocate watermain, the Village primary sanitary sewage pump station, gravity sanitary sewer main & sewage forcemain.  One we determined the project was feasible and upon approval of the estimated costs, construction plans were generated for a new watermain, sanitary sewer and sanitary pump station.  M.E. provided construction administration along with KMHC’s construction manager and worked closely with the Village to ensure a successful outcome to the project.

Services Provide:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Administration